Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Doctors Don't Mess Around

I can't say how much we love our team of doctors especially Dr. B. Last week I gave him updates throughout everything and told him my concerns for wanting the cancer on the femur taken care of ASAP. Knowing the tumor on the brain was aggressive we didn't want to just wait around. Hearing my concerns, the team immediately made a plan and had to be creative in order to make it happen.

Brian is having a remarkable recovery. Yesterday we had radiation simulation on his leg. We followed that up with a physical therapy eval. After going through all the tests Brian only has a few deficits that can easily be worked back to 100%. We are so blessed and amazed.
Today we had teaching for Brian's new immunotherapy that will begin tomorrow. This will train his immune system to attack the mutated cells and put us on the offense. It's a newer drug that is getting great result! Although they go over the side effects none will prohibit Brian from leading a "normal" life" --that word an Brian shouldn't be in the same sentence.

So what's next?
Tomorrow we get to see Dr. B then Brian will start immunotherapy. It is an infusion that takes an hour and will be given once every two weeks.

Thursday Brian has radiation and PT again.

Next week Monday-Wednesday Brian will finish the radiation in his leg. We will also have our follow up with the brain surgeon! 

Again we are beyond thankful. We have happy hearts and full bellies thanks to the meal train.

Thanks again to everyone! We cannot express it enough!

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