Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Help

Hey guys, its me, Cally.

I know that the last post from Karen will quickly spread through the many many people Brian has made laugh, inspire, and been a friend to. People will be asking how they can help.

Here is one big way to help:

Karen, Brian, and Harper could definitely use the financial support at this time to make up for the lost wages and medical expenses.

The Plan

Hey all.

I know many of you have been waiting for an update. We wanted the entire picture and plan before we shared publicly.

The scans came back and the cancer has spread. We have come to Community Hospice Bailey Family Center for Caring to get Brian stable and comfortable and then see where we go from there.

We appreciate all of the love and support.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's Up Now?


It is so nice that I haven't needed to post since August 31st!

What's been happening since then because that is SUCH A LONG TIME!?!?!

On September 20th we got scan results from the neck down that showed the new immunotherapy was shrinking everything except for the adrenals. We were relieved.

Since August Brian has been feeling great. We have had a "normal" life if you are allowed to use the word normal in a sentence that includes Brian.  It has been so much fun and so nice to just live and Brian only have to go every two weeks for a short hour long infusion.

However, in the past month Brian's appetite has been decreasing.  On top of that a few digestive issues presented themselves and he was becoming weak.  Tuesday night he became too weak/sick and we needed medical help at the hospital.  We called our doctor and were admitted.

We are now at the hospital receiving wonderful care from the staff as well as great support from our village. 

We are awaiting tests and will know more at a later time.  We just wanted everyone to have the same information. 

How can you help?
1. Say prayers if you are the praying type.
2. Keep being awesome.
3. If you work at FSDB and would like to donate hours to Brian that would be fantastic and you can contact Dani Mitchell. 
4. You can always text me (Karen). I like talking if you didn't know that about me.