Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Help

Hey guys, its me, Cally.

I know that the last post from Karen will quickly spread through the many many people Brian has made laugh, inspire, and been a friend to. People will be asking how they can help.

Here is one big way to help:

Karen, Brian, and Harper could definitely use the financial support at this time to make up for the lost wages and medical expenses.

The Plan

Hey all.

I know many of you have been waiting for an update. We wanted the entire picture and plan before we shared publicly.

The scans came back and the cancer has spread. We have come to Community Hospice Bailey Family Center for Caring to get Brian stable and comfortable and then see where we go from there.

We appreciate all of the love and support.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's Up Now?


It is so nice that I haven't needed to post since August 31st!

What's been happening since then because that is SUCH A LONG TIME!?!?!

On September 20th we got scan results from the neck down that showed the new immunotherapy was shrinking everything except for the adrenals. We were relieved.

Since August Brian has been feeling great. We have had a "normal" life if you are allowed to use the word normal in a sentence that includes Brian.  It has been so much fun and so nice to just live and Brian only have to go every two weeks for a short hour long infusion.

However, in the past month Brian's appetite has been decreasing.  On top of that a few digestive issues presented themselves and he was becoming weak.  Tuesday night he became too weak/sick and we needed medical help at the hospital.  We called our doctor and were admitted.

We are now at the hospital receiving wonderful care from the staff as well as great support from our village. 

We are awaiting tests and will know more at a later time.  We just wanted everyone to have the same information. 

How can you help?
1. Say prayers if you are the praying type.
2. Keep being awesome.
3. If you work at FSDB and would like to donate hours to Brian that would be fantastic and you can contact Dani Mitchell. 
4. You can always text me (Karen). I like talking if you didn't know that about me.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Keeping You in the Loop


Brian and I were talking the other day and realized we do a great job of informing people when things are crazy but forget to give an update when things are going well.

Here is the latest:

Brian finished his last round of the current immunotherapy he was on, Yervoy, on August 19th.  The last two treatments left Brian with no side effects.  Currently his labs look amazing, he is full of energy, and looks so great physically. (We won't mention my jealousy over his weight loss and healthy habits). We are all working and playing and enjoying normal life.  Brian will have scans on his body on September 14th then we will get the results with Dr. B. on September 20th.  If things are the same or smaller, we will scan again in a few months and do nothing else in the meantime. If things are new or bigger we will start on Obdivo, an immunotherapy Brian was on briefly before.  As we have explained before, immunotherapy needs time to work. We are hoping for the best and appreciate prayers for the 20th!

We love you all and are continue to feel grateful for our village of love. We are so so so thankful for the normalcy we have right now too. We don't want to jinx it, but it feels really good. Looking back on journal entries from this time last year, I seriously am so happy that is behind us and the weekly emergencies are a thing of the past! Phew!

Love you all!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

ONE MORE DAY! (but a lot in between)


So we are super excited because tomorrow is the last day of Brian's 15 days of whole brain radiation. This process has required us to get up early every morning and drive an hour, then treatment takes no more than 20 minutes only 5 of which is actual radiation, then an hour drive home. Most days Brian would then hop in his car and go to work.  Like everything, Brian has handled this pretty well. He has had some fatigue and a few other things but overall not as terrible as we expected.  We have great rescpect for people who have treatment for 45 days straight!

Here are some things that have happened in between.  Of course we never do one thing at a time. So Brian started Yervoy (the new immunotherapy) then not long after started the whole brain radiation.  Immunotherapies are designed to teach your immune system to attack the cancer cells. So instead of tearing your body down, it vamps the body up. Two common side effects are colitis (stomach issues) and endocrine issues. Two weeks after his first infusion of Yervoy and one week into the brain radiation, Brian got super sick. We will call is stomach issues but that only touches the surface. After getting IV fluids and taking one day of steroids, luckily he got better.

Another thing that happened as Brian started radiation is that his eyelids became puffy, his eyes were dry, and he had cloudy and blurry vision.  He was also seeing double when looking far right and far left. We just assumed it was from radiation. While at one of our check-ins with the radiation doctor during the treatment, she said the eye issues weren't something common with radiation. Now because of the stomach issues, the fatigue, and the eye issues, the radiation oncologist also wanted us to meet with the oncologist.  Our favorite, Dr. B is out of town so we meet with his Physician's Assistant.  . Anyways, she said many of Brian's symptoms could be a mix of Yervoy and radiation but wanted to get some bloodwork just in case. She also led us to an ophthalmologist. This eye appointment went well. The doctor said these are common issues for someone who has had radiation and chemo and immuno. Basically the meds attack things that grow quickly like your hair but also your tear ducts.  Brian wasn't producing any moisture. He was prescribed some steroid eye drops and he is already feeling better.

Well on the way home from the eye doctor the PA called us with results of the bloodwork that we had forgotten we were even waiting for.  Guess what?! Brian has the second side effect of Yervoy, his thyroid is greatly effected. The normal number for a thyroid is between .5-4.5.  Brian's is 53!!  The side effects of hypothyroid are dry eyes, weak eye muscles, and you guessed it, FATIGUE!  So she wanted to prescribe Synthroid and a steroid. We are weary of steroids because they make Yervoy less effective which is not something we want. So after a quick talk with Dr. B (poor guy can't even get away from us while on vacation), we have decided to hold on the steroids and give the thyroid medicine a chance to kick in.  Brian will need to have more bloodwork in a few weeks to make sure the meds are work and we will most likely see our endocrinologist.

Did I mention that somewhere in the middle of ALL of this Brian was in a car accident where he was rear ended forcing him to bump two other cars?!?!?  Our paid off car was towed away and we are still waiting to hear if it is totaled. I was stuck on a sight seeing train with Harper with my car miles away when he called to tell me. Luckily no one was hurt, and friends came to the rescue to get Harper to school and me to my car so I could get to Brian.

Our ever eventful life continues to be full of twists and turns. Did I mention how excited we are that tomorrow is the LAST treatment day for whole brain!?!?! We will meet with the radiation doctor tomorrow to talk about when they will scan again to see how effective treatment was. Also as long as things go well with the thyroid medicine, Brian is expected to have his next immuno infusion on the 29th of this month.

God is clearly teaching me to live/survive through chaos and not have everything planned out.  Pray that Brian has no more stomach issues before the next round of meds.  We love you all! Thanks for being our village that keeps growing, loving, and caring for us!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Then There Was More...

Hello Again!

So Brian had an MRI on Friday that was ordered very quickly. 

This morning we got a call to come in TODAY. Of course we were freaking out thinking the worst! When we got there, after some jokes about gross Krystal burgers, the radiation doctor told us the MRI showed no new surprises.  What a relief! There is still the same lace-like area that they saw in January that is cancer but it has NOT changed at all. This means meds, diet, or previous meds or even a combination has worked in keeping the brain areas under control. There is still a 4mm new mass that is TINY!  Because the cancer is under control we found out now is the perfect time for whole brain radiation. The doctor was insanely positive and as she said she isn't just blow rainbows at us. One of the best predictors of how successful whole brain radiation is depends on how healthy or normal functioning the patient is. Brian is the best he's been in years so we are feeling good about the possibilities.

We will begin on Monday. There will be at least 10 sessions and there will be a few side effects: some short term memory such as numbers or grocery lists, skin irritation and fatigue.  However, Brian's personality and smart comments will not go anywhere.  All of these side effects are very manageable. We are happy that this seems like a good way to keep the brain cancer at bay.

Love to you all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

After 3 months...

Hey everyone! Of course you have noticed there has not been an update in quite some time. That is because things have been wonderful!!! We have been living pretty normal life, having fun, and taking it easy.  Brian started a new diet 3 months ago to help with shrinking the cancer and has been kicking butt.

So why the update now?
 Brian had scans a week and a half ago and we got the results today. We thought because Brian has had so much energy and has only been having a muscle tightness in his shoulder that we would get a great report. It was not as great as we were expecting.

There is no new cancer in Brian's body. However there is a 4mm mass in the brain that they will treat with targeted radiation. As far as the irregular stuff they found in the brain in January there has been no change. An MRI will tell us more but it could potentially be scar tissue. As far as the masses in his body there are no new ones but some of the ones there have grown. This means the meds he is currently taking are no longer working.

So what's next?  

We will start an immunotherapy on Friday.  It is once every three weeks for only 4 rounds. Immunotherapy takes time to work. So we won't scan again for at least 15 weeks from now.  If things are stable at that scan then we will just scan again a few months later and continue this process. However, if the scan shows growth we will switch to an ongoing immunotheraphy treatment. The nice thing about immunotherapy are that is won't make Brian weak. He will be able to live like normal. No risk of low blood counts

Although this isn't the news we were hoping for we know there is hope in the immunotherapy so we will hang on to that!  We continue to feel loved and supported and are so thankful for our community that has never once stopped pouring out support over the last 20 months that we have been going through this all. We love you!