Monday, May 18, 2015

Here We Go Again

Great news. Brian is starting a new round of chemo tomorrow but needed one new med cause another one he was on has a lifetime limit. We were concerned about insurance approval but found out today that it was approved. Therefore another round begins tomorrow.
It's tough when plans change but we are happy for little victories!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

We are Heading Home

Brian is special. We all know that!
That being said here is what happened today. First we had scans. Then we ate a fast lunch and headed to our appointment with the surgeon. There is always lots of waiting.  After waiting forever,  he said the scan showed small, mildly suspicious somethings in the lungs but both the underarm mass and the adrenal masses have shrunk. We believe these lung things are from Brian's cough and nothing cancer related.  After meeting with him we were sent to see the oncologist.  She does not want to rush surgery until we know the bigger plan.  The adrenals are the most complicated part in all of this.  No need to remove the arm mass until we know what to do with the adrenals. Brian's case is super rare and they need to present it with all the other doctors, surgeons, and pathologists up here at MSKCC. So the plan now is to come home, do another round of chemo (she says normally you keep treating until you get no response), wait three weeks and get an MRI and more scans. We will then send those to MSKCC and they will regroup. We will then go from there.

-I like plans and don't like when plans are changed.
-This process will be longer.

-The oncologist said only 1 out of 10 people with Brian's type of cancer respond to treatment, so it is a miracle that he has not only responded but that they have all shrunk so much.

We love you all!
K & B

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Off to NYC

It was hard but we gave lots of sugars to this baby and left for NYC today. She happily waved goodbye and is looking forward to her own adventures.

Brian and I are sitting in Chicago waiting for our connection. We have scans, an appointment with the surgeon and pre-surgical testing starting at noon tomorrow. We are happy to get this ball rolling.  Thanks for the continuous prayers, support and love!