Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Gift of Time

Hey everyone! You now know Brian is the writer in this family so I will just stick with the facts. As you know we had a scan yesterday and got a text telling us all the cancer (except the brain) had shrunk. Today we met with Dr. B. He's pleased with the results and said that the total cancer shrunk by half. He also said we never know what's going to happen so live everyday as we've been living full of love and fun. Because Brian is having no symptoms related with the brain the plan is to continue this medicine regimen and scan again at the end of March. At that point we will check in and see what the brain is up to. Brian will also have to see a dermatologist every 6-8 weeks because the chemo pills can cause other types of skin cancers like basal cell. We are so happy and feel like we've been given the gift of time.

This past month has been nothing short of incredible. I've never felt so loved. The massive and continuous support is overwhelming and humbling. I am forever grateful. After finishing up the last few things on our to do list, Brian and I will hopefully be returning to work the middle of next week.

Thank you for engulfing our family in love and support and celebrating with us! We love you!