Friday, March 11, 2016

Crazy Week

Hey everyone. We haven't checked in while! This week has been nuts! Brian has been battling a cough then developed into a fever for a few weeks now. Last week he saw the doctor, went to the ER and had a chest X-ray and flu test but none could tell us what was causing his fevers.  Well Sunday night, Brian developed a 103 fever that lasted about 24 hours. Luckily his counts are fine so we didn't have to spend any time in the hospital. However, it was still pretty alarming.  The fever finally broke Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I cut my finger pretty badly on a green bean can. If you know me, I am sure you can imagine the scene of me lying on the kitchen floor for a LOOOONG time crying, sweating, feeling like I was gonna pass out!  Meanwhile, Harper was blowing her new whistle and saying, "Look Mommy! Look!"  Ha!  Wednesday Harper woke up with a cold and today the dogs had skin issues! So everyone in the house has had something this week.  Don't feel bad for us. Just laugh! And pray that there is no more to come anytime soon!

Wait! What about Brian's fever? The doctor wanted to figure out what was causing the fever so they moved Brian's scans that were supposed to be in the end of March to today.  We knew before the scans that they would show one of 3 possibilities. 1. The cancer has spread and is causing the fever.  2. The chemo meds Brian is on could be causing it. 3. Another infection could be the source.   Once again our doctor is amazing.  The scan was done at 8:40 and by 11 we received a call with results.  Although we still don't know the cause, the happy news is that Brian's cancer is still shrinking. One lymph node under his arm was a centimeter bigger but if his body is fighting something this makes sense.

So what's that mean???  Well we still don't know the cause yet but we are SO happy the cancer is still shrinking.  This weekend Brian will stop one chemo pill to see if that is the cause. We will check back in with the doctor on Monday and go from there.

Some amazing things also happened this week too. Our friends, Steve and Sarah, had a gorgeous baby named Hazel, people's generosity continued to pour into our family, and mom got to be here to help out!!

So thankful everyday! Even on the crazy ones!  Love you all.