Thursday, February 19, 2015

New York Plans (well kind of)

Hi everyone!

First of all, once again we owe a big thanks! The donations and kindness continue to bless us and overwhelm us. We appreciate you all including you anonymous-ers. We have loved the meals, kindness of strangers, and security we receive from all of the support.

Second, Brian just finished his fourth round of chemo today!! Wahoo!!!!! Just fluids and a shot tomorrow and we get a little bit of a break. The third round was rough, so we are hoping that laying low this weekend will help make this fourth round seem like a piece of cake. Prayers and fingers crossed!

Third, we heard from MSKCC and our doctor's office in New York today.  Tentatively, we will have scans and an appointment with our surgeon on Thursday, March 19th.  After that there will be two options:
Option A: two more rounds of chemo at home
Option B: surgery on his arm/chest area on Monday, March 23rd.

Obviously we are hoping for Option B but are going to do what is best according to the doctors.  Again, this isn't set in stone until we hear back from them.

Our Needs
The only thing we need right now is lots of prayers. Prayers for Brian to feel great this round with no crazy side effects. Prayers for a planner like me to be okay when plans aren't easy to make.  Prayers that surgery is the next step.

We love you all!

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