Friday, February 27, 2015

Hospital Again

Hey everyone!

Brian unfortunately took a trip back to the hospital last night. We knew on Tuesday that all his counts were low and they told us to just be cautious about not being around sick people. Brian laid low. Thursday night he was  feeling run down and had a 100.5 fever. The magic number that send us to the ER to be admitted. So he was last night.  He is feeling fine other than some sore mouth side effects from the chemo.

Although Dr. B. is not highly concerned. The infectious disease doctor wants him there for 48 hours with no fever. So if you're perfectly healthy and feel like dropping by to say hey just text to make sure it is a good time.  Hopefully he will get out Saturday or Sunday.

NYC Update
Our first two appointments are confirmed.  We were fortunate to get free one way flights through a foundation called Wings of Hope.  They will fly us home post surgery as well. Truly a blessing. We will be heading up just the two of us on the 17th. We have scans on the 18th and appointments on the 19th.  The 19th will let us know whether or not surgery is a go.  If yes, surgery will be the 23rd and we will be in NYC for up to four weeks.
It has been a planning nightmare because it is hard to look into lodging without having confirmed dates. So we are praying everything works out and have many contingency plans in place.  That being said, if you know a great place to stay in the city that won't cost a gagillion dollars, LET US KNOW!

Love to you all!

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  1. Thinking of your beautiful family! You are in our hearts and prayers!