Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It has Begun!

Day 1
Day one of chemo was enlightening. We waited for a while for authorization from insurance to get started, but after that it is just a sit and drip game. We had some visitors, played some cards, did some work, and rested.  The nurses were so sweet and loved on Brian a lot!
As we were leaving Brian didn't feel too hot and was really run down the rest of the night.  We were surprised by how quickly the effects were felt.
Day 2
Brian woke up feeling great which was such a relief.  He had tons of special visitors and cool books as prizes.  He also got a great surprise from his Mum...noise canceling headphones. Now he can ignore us all!  He is making sure to eat well and drink tons too. No sick feeling after chemo today, just a little rundown feeling.  Such a relief for us all. One more day of chemo and then a quick visit on Friday for a shot and some fluids.

Thank you all for your prayers and constantly checking in!

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