Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another biopsy...

Hey everyone! From the last post you all know we were expecting to start chemo this week. However, that didn't happen.  On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving our doctor at Sloan Kettering called stating they needed more tissue to continue doing their pathology testing.  This isn't surprising because they were only sent one slide of tissue from the original biopsy that happened at the end of October (Mayo had used the others to run their own pathology tests).  Now that this is done and hopefully overnighted up there soon, we should know more about the exact type of cancer in the coming week or so.  We have a quick check in appointment with our oncologist here on Friday. It is amazing how much these people who work in these offices do for us. I love them and have not met most of them face to face.  Truly they make all of this so much easier. Thank you all so much for the continued support and love.  Here is a fun picture of the baby just to make you smile.  She brings us so much joy daily!

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