Monday, June 20, 2016

Then There Was More...

Hello Again!

So Brian had an MRI on Friday that was ordered very quickly. 

This morning we got a call to come in TODAY. Of course we were freaking out thinking the worst! When we got there, after some jokes about gross Krystal burgers, the radiation doctor told us the MRI showed no new surprises.  What a relief! There is still the same lace-like area that they saw in January that is cancer but it has NOT changed at all. This means meds, diet, or previous meds or even a combination has worked in keeping the brain areas under control. There is still a 4mm new mass that is TINY!  Because the cancer is under control we found out now is the perfect time for whole brain radiation. The doctor was insanely positive and as she said she isn't just blow rainbows at us. One of the best predictors of how successful whole brain radiation is depends on how healthy or normal functioning the patient is. Brian is the best he's been in years so we are feeling good about the possibilities.

We will begin on Monday. There will be at least 10 sessions and there will be a few side effects: some short term memory such as numbers or grocery lists, skin irritation and fatigue.  However, Brian's personality and smart comments will not go anywhere.  All of these side effects are very manageable. We are happy that this seems like a good way to keep the brain cancer at bay.

Love to you all!

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