Thursday, January 14, 2016

Are you Sitting Down?

Hey everyone,

The last you heard from us Brian had brain surgery, they got it all and did radiation to be sure.  We had a great month and Christmas.

Unfortunately last Friday Brian noticed his toes wouldn't respond when he told them to move. We called our doctors who said to watch it. Well Sunday it happened again. We went to UF Health ER where our brain doctors are. After an interesting ER night, a few days of testing, and lots of painful waiting it was confirmed that the cancer has returned to Brian's brain very quickly.

After a full body scan we also learned it is widespread throughout the body.

Today we met with Dr. B. We cannot say enough how much we love this man.  He loves us and cares and makes the best plans.  Our plan is to stop immunotherapy because it takes a long time to work.  In the interest of time, we are starting a pill form of treatment that will attack the cancer in the body.  In 4 weeks we will scan again and make a plan from there.

Whole brain radiation is an option if this new pill works. For now we need to try to get the tumors in the body under control first before addressing the brain tumor.

Brian feels great, looks great, and doesn't feel sick. As a family we are going to spend the next 4 weeks focusing on treatment and having tons of fun with family and friends.

Our needs right now are for prayers that the new pill works. Also if you want to have some fun with us please let us know!


  1. Prayers and positive energy from Jersey!

  2. Brian and Karen, prayers for you both! I saw Brian at our FDLRS December institute! Stay strong, and know that you have so many of us who care about you!