Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Plan!

Hey everybody! Today we met with another member of our care team to discuss what's next with the new findings. They found a tiny mass on Brian's right frontal lobe of his brain and some in the bone of his femur close to his hip. Both are tiny and caught very early. They've decided radiation is the best way to take care of both areas! 

Let's talk about the brain first. Brian will have a type of radiation called SRS. It has rifle like precision. It's a one time treatment done through UF here in downtown Jacksonville. It should have minimal side effects. We have to get a fancy MRI before they start but hopefully have that done within the next two weeks.

Now for the leg...Brian will have regular radiation at our Cancer Specialists of North Florida office in Fleming Island for 5 days. He will only need to be in the machine for 5-10 minutes each day! 

All radiation should be done before Thanksgiving. Brian will still have immunotherapy too! 

There's talk of other options with the adrenal glands too!

Overall, we are happy for a plan that involves minimal side effects allowing for tons of family fun and minimal work missed. As the doctor today said we are in no worse of a place now than we were a year ago when we first came in.

We again are insanely thankful for our village of support and for our team of doctors. 

Love to you all!  Hopefully we will see you at the golf tournament Saturday!

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